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Important tips to make a profit from the stock market! 2020

Important tips to make a profit from the stock market!  2020

Important tips to make a profit from the stock market!  2020
mportant tips to make a profit from the stock market!  2020

   Every investor in the stock market wants you to be a successful investor like Warren Buffett.  Equity is the easiest way for investors to participate in business as shareholders.

   Equity investment allows you to be a direct partner in the development of a nation or global economy, and by investing in this way you can also build your wealth.

   So far it has been proven that the equity path is the best way to create wealth, but the same asset class has sometimes seen the destruction of vast wealth.

   Hence some people call the stock market a gamble but successful investors never call it.  So what do they do that makes them a successful investor?  What do you need to do to be a successful investor in the equity market?

   For this some of the stock market giants have mentioned some important things.  By using those tips, you can turn from a simple investor to an exceptional investor.

The tips are as follows sharemarket:

   Never ignore the magic of compounding:

   Einstein once said

   'Cyclone' is the eighth wonder of the world.  One who does not consider compound interest may not be a full-fledged investor.

   One of the key qualities of successful equity investors is that they understand the power of compounding.  The formula for compound interest is very simple and straightforward.  Accrued interest increases the interest earned and the amount of investment increases rapidly.

   The long-term effect of this action is incredible.  While this may sound simple, discipline and timing play an important role here.

   Successful investors spend a lot of time investing, as some investors immediately withdraw their investment if they do not get the money they need.

   Successful equity investors do not use dividends or repurchase dividends or any other income, it is necessary to have a core portfolio.  The works of compound interest also work wonders in investing a fixed income.

Ignore rumors:

   Famous investor Joseph Kennedy has been told.  In 1929, share prices fell on Wall Street.  While Kennedy was cleaning his shoes with a shoe polisher, the man began to give Kennedy some advice about the market.

   Kennedy sold all his shares when he came into office, and was not on Wall Street for the next two days.

   In the end, it is a myth, but when the stock market goes up and down, there is a lot of discussion.  At such times, those who have no experience are sharing their partial knowledge with others.

   Apart from investing money, it is also a form of gambling.  Therefore, do not ignore the meaningless discussion.

Learn more about the business, company you want to do yourself

   Sometimes people buy stocks without understanding the trade.  It is a difficult task to select some of the more than 5,000 stocks listed on the BSE.

   It does not matter whether you start with some new industry information or use products such as: (drugs, cosmetics, food), vehicles and their components or the industrial equipment you use.

   The shopkeeper can tell you more about the same new product that shows bigger sales in the market.  If you give yourself a certain amount of time, you will be able to invest in a good business.

   Check the financial position of the stock while investing

   When buying quality shares in your stock market, understanding financial ratios can be beneficial.  Equity investor Warren Buffett has noted two benefits of investing: Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) and Price-to-Income (P / E) Ratio.

   ROCE is an indicator of the percentage of profit earned from a business.  Naturally, a company with a good ROCE will have a good business.  Having a lower ROCE than the bank's interest rate means that it is a inefficient business that you should avoid.

   The P / E ratio represents the pay-back period, or it will take several years for the investment to repay the capital invested in fixed income.  The ratio between the price of each share and what the industry should earn is determined.  A low P / E ratio is more attractive unless the business is growing rapidly.

   Invest at the right time

   In general, older people at home knew better when to pay for groceries at what time, in what season, and at what price.  The same was true for the stock market.  In the 18th century, Baron Rothschild stated, "The time to buy is when there is blood on the straits."

   That is, when the market collapses very poorly, it is time to buy.  “When the market was not stable, the Baron bought very good quality shares during Napoleon's fight against Waterloo.  Make a list of desired shares and start buying goods by buying a little bit.

   When the market falls, buy and sell, and when everyone starts talking about stocks, sell them.

   "When the stock is at the bottom or selling at a good high is only for wizards and colloquiums, very good returns can be bought in the SENSEX PE range below 14 years and sold near or above PE 23.  Can. "

   Sobriety ...!

   Successful investors are highly restrained.  They never bring their goals and feelings together.  They have an extraordinary capacity to prevent fear of market volatility affecting investment.

   The stock market has been volatile for some time.  In a way, this instability created great courage in him.  They feel that this instability is normal.

   Successful investors know that the stock market is a slave to earnings, profits and that is why good companies negotiate the benefits of this volatility at lower prices.

   Always allow time for equity investment.  Only then it results.  Even in times of volatility, some companies have offered good returns.

   Do a little study and research yourself:

   Successful investors identify themselves in terms of their investment potential and they conduct their core research, analyze companies, focus on quality, and invest in industries whose products and their plans appeal to them.  .

   They invest in what they know, what they know, so one has to study.

   Successful equity investors usually have a very simple approach to investing.  They never keep their portfolio complicated.  Their departments are diverse.

   Successful equity investors will not be seen constantly changing plans.  They are focused on the future.  They know how to build the best property at a low cost.

   Avoid the temptation to buy chillers or low-priced shares

   Typically successful investors will never be seen investing in low-value or small stocks.  Most of such stocks appear in short trades (to buy and sell).

   Due to the poor performance of such stocks, they either remain chiller or have lower value.

   Successful investors will realize that you can lose money in such chiller stocks.  The risk of such shares falling is high, and the probability of return is low.

   Easy way to invest:

   For good returns in equity, meet a good financial advisor and set your financial goals and start investing in the right direction.

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