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The value of the content of the content will not be calculatedr only by the SEO Metrics

 The value of the content of the content will not be calculated only by the SEO Metrics. 
The value of the content of the content will not be calculated only by the SEO Metrics.

Knowing how to see the content and how to see the content from the customer-centered perspective, marketing is always about to understand and shaping the behavior. To achieve this goal, you should interact with your audience effectively. This is the required vehicle to distribute this message. People have the power to persuade, entertainment, and informing people. Continue reading below we received the ability to attract Google traffic through images, videos and podcasts, the content of the material is increasing. But how do we know that our content is working? Logic can come down from here. The American marketing association and Deloitt CMO survey found on 2020 that only 35% of senior vendors can prove the effect of their marketing. Another 44% of people say that they are marketing or not, but it can not prove it. The remaining 21% of the remaining can not show direct results of their marketing efforts yet. Continue reading on advertising Continue reading BrightAge Research Only 20% of customer B2C are engaged with B2C content. The brands easily know that the content marketing is appropriate to invest. But in this qualitative sense of content "works" and is a clear disconnect between quantitative evidence that is working for them right now. Without those insights, the content is impossible to enter a wide part of the probability of marketing. Focusing on the data and focusing on what the customers really causes us, we can help us to publish the true value of the material to the material. The value of the SEO and beyond materials are on the world's information on the world's fingers and usually when they are not itching they go to the search engine. Continue reading below, there is no SEO. We have nothing to optimize for a search engine. Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) are more speedy than before, in which there is a multimedia property. However, many components made by numerous components to measure the value of the past content: Users will type sentences that certified key. For example, "Buy Thailand Holiday" or "Online Sneakers". Headly searched on the desktop so that the probability of hyperlocal results will be reduced. The content was almost text-based. If the click-Through rate, the subject of more argument, was relatively stable. Paided advertisements and organic lists took estimated seats in SERP. Continue reading on the advertising This stable and reliable samples are excellent for ranking with keywords and clicks with rankings and clicks with the ranking pages keywords, with stable and reliable samples. It is possible to calculate the approximate estimate of the traffic value based on these simple factors. Most importantly, it is possible to look back whether the content has been distributed on those attention. As a result, the marketing SEO can separate the SEO as a channel and report about the effectiveness of their new pages. The feeling of certainty was always misleading and Google's updates have been removed from the last decade. For example, Google has more sophisticated beliefs about the written language today. 

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Hingingbird and BERT updates are two examples that have made significant progress in this field. In SERP, due and organic listing are mixing in shared areas and personal customers see different results based on their preferred, device and location. The old definition crumble in the process. Search queries are lots of different because their good results get if the customers are more specific. Why do you want to take a pin in the exact type of holiday you want? If you can not remove the PIN "Thailand's holidays"? Mobile devices provide many prosperity signals that Google can also use search results to personalize.  Briefly, Google can better understand your users and so they can show good results. Continue reading under the advertisement, for sellers, the efficient chain of events from the number of the number of ranging from the landing page is dissolved. Ranking is unstable, search volumes are incredible, data is nervous. We can give a lot better experience by personalized, multimedia results - but we can measure that result? Shifting Focus - With a lot of emphasis on revenue ranking from the rank, the sellers missed the real value of marketing. It also creates a disconnect between marketing and CFO using a non-value metrics than their original reference. Default, Last-click Attribution (where the entire value of conversion is given to the final referral channel) was often the best of us and the minimum sales were aligned by the marketing channel. However, this approach is out of the customer's journey stage. If you are wrongning data, then the opportunities for improvements are immediately released from our comprehension. Actually, customers do not decide by clicking and purchasing in the same session.

 They buy around, they switch the device, check social media, talk to their friends. Customer and devices have been increasing the customer travel, which leads us away from the last-click ATRibute model. The last click is definitely important, but we know that there is also significance in dozen clicks before. Due to the miserable-but-a reliable model, some ignored "awareness" and "awareness" in search of new matrix. Continue reading on the advertisement Professor of Marketing Marketing University, Simon Bell told Deloitte: "We have the biggest factor of the marketing ... Digital Metrics was kept as our Savior, but instead they only have more confused There is another way that this is not an inevitable situation. Major publishers like New York Times and Konde Konda has created its own attribute model using machine education. These companies want to know that in which articles most likely have been upgraded to a paid subscription. Using a simple, using the rules-based model, what was the last article read before the user read that it could easily see. Continue reading below the advertisement is that only a part of the story will tell. By studying the full interaction of the user and with the medical matrix like the time and scroll room on the page, it is possible to see what the objectives have the biggest effect on the defined purpose. Then this journey can be compared to the ways of other users so that the decision helps to separate the components that are important contributions in the decision. This insight is valued. Publishers can learn a large number of their audience, which will help them to make marketing messaging and targeting. For example, they know what articles in their paid social media or the search campaign payable for different audience sections. Continue reading below the advertisement can also be filled in data in editorial and production teams. Moreover, the marketing efforts can be measured by the contributions for this target than a channel-specific metric like interests, shares or rankings. There are numerous lessons in defining content value with attributes, but the most universal element is that the successful accused model is created in the objectives. As a seller we are in effect of affecting behaviors. 

Without knowing what changes have happened, we want to create, it is difficult to develop a reliable model for the value value. The publishers discussed above is a clear metric (new customer), which is important for all sections. For other companies it can be the metric that appears like a customer Lifetime Value (CLV) instead. Continue reading on the advertisement every business can not create their own models to answer such questions or want to do. Fortunately, most businesses do not need to go anymore. As soon as Google has continued access to its data-based attribution services, even free Google TICs Nalitix users will soon be able to create a self-version of the New York Times models mentioned above.  stand like, analyst platform has a lot of space to experiment and customize rules-based models. Continue reading below the advertisement, the customers of companies travel to travel long purchases, such as in automotive sector or luxury clocks, the sellers can be found that the early dialogue is very important. Knowing the customer's attention and knowing their interests establish the remaining interactions. As the way, this brand can apply status-based, first-click or linear feature model. Position-based first and last interactive interactions (40%) will give the same credit (each 40%) and the remaining 20% will split in the middle phase. It reflects the final part of the material that takes the value of the consumer's attention and closure of the sale of the material. The first-click will give 100% credit for the first interface, while the linear option will divide the same amount in all interactive interactions of the journey. 

Continue reading under the advertisement can start digging in their data in their analyst platforms to see how the specific customer travel looks. The time distance report in Google TICs Nalitics (conversion> Multi-channel funnel> time distance) will show the time between interactions and conversion. Top conversion path tab tab channel users usually interact and in which order. Meanwhile, during the Continue reading of the advertisement, the path will be clear how interactions in a particular purchase journey from the long-term report. Here the customer's purpose is that the customers do not pay attention to how to be busy with your content but also understand the value of the content is to make future strategies. Analysis of what kind of content is deciding to create this, you will help to use social media posts, press releases or YouTube videos which have a big impact on conversions than never showing. For example, the sellers realized that the beginning of the customer's journey are more important than the earlier thoughts, but in the future, they can make business cases for more investments. Continue reading below the advertisement means that Google's universal consequences or more video content to rank directly on YouTube. Then the brand can keep track of the performance of this material that how much contributions the company's business goals. They can also see numerous ways to earn their content. Typically, customer travel models have some steps like awareness, interest, decisions and action. After this, these phases and the idea that if the content contained in the awareness phase is working, then the customer will go to the interest phase and has a point line during the idea. This can lead to a fierce "awareness campaign" that depends on the objective, preferences and clicks. Continue reading below the advertisement This metrics may meet a purpose, but in the loneliness, even in low sense. Being aware of something does not guarantee the future action. When divides marketing from senior professional leaders, both should work closely. Instead, start with the conduct that you want to format and work to focus on the main moments before that conversion. If the sellers can extract this potential sequence, they can create a customer travel that aligns with a meaningful metrics. 

For example, if a brand saw that the customers see three or more products in their first session, they can subsequently implement financial values on the content that they run after their first session, they can apply financial values on the content that runs these mutual interfaces and the content of the content of the material Summary: Importance of materials to the SEO and content often remain co-operative, but this closest is also restricted. Due to lack of any kind of content, no longer a form of search marketing. To take advantage of this, the sellers must keep a comprehensive approach about the value provided their audience to their audience. Instead of seeing the consumption of content by the SEO Metrics Lenses, it is important to start reading below PPC, social media or PR channel can find customer content through social media or PR channels, all of them have value to the business. New, Multimedia SERPs free SEOs to experiment with video, images and audio materials. Most companies create a blog post as the primary form of material marketing, but now it is possible to get search traffic from detailed information about the resources. The customer used the insight of customers and measures the purchase of shopping, but they can not only show the value of that business. These are some tips to help get started with this new method for evaluation of content: Start with the conduct that you want to encourage your audience. It is very difficult for people to take action without knowing what they want to do. Analyze the customer's journey to see what the conversion has a big contribution. Then, evaluate the Attribution Model to see what the best reflection will reflect on your customer's journey. You can test data-based specifically or customize your own rule-based models. Create new content to target this major steps in the purchase journey. Find the way to minimize the least in SERP: it means using a paid search for encouraging content or using the image for an image number in Universal search. Report metrics that matter to the business beyond the post of time. This approach will allow you to show the action link in interaction in connection with the conversion, after which the remaining company will be contacted. Digital marketing contributions are hard, but it is also very important. For the content marketing, it is important to create a large number of metrics but not only on the SEO. To touch the value, the brand equity and part of the voice (SOV), selling, customer service, product, status, PR and much more value is required. And remember when the search works, it means the content is working. But its value is not just ended here. More Resources: Top 5 ways to prove the actual value of SEO of the SEO of the SEO of your guide content to select the correct KPI for the content of content


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