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What to do to get money from bloggers?All tutorial! Per Month 5000$.

What to do to get money from bloggers?All tutorial! Per Month 5000$.

The article will get traffic and visitors
 Blog allows you to read articles on all type topics, including images, videos, news, and their layout. By sharing posts on various social media websites like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr on social media platforms.

         Let's read till the end to know how to make money through blogs in simple and easy language.

               *Sing in process*

First, search in Google and sign in with your email ID.After singin, name the unique title according to your topic.Enter the name of the website or their name in the address bar at the bottom of the title, for example theme at the bottom is the option to choose one of the themes.

                      *Create post*

Once the theme is set.Write a post with the title of the article.When writing the post, the label on the left and the description below the permalink in minimal words,Write in 150 words based on keywords based on the blog.The process of publishing the blog is completed by clicking on the publish button.

                     *Blogging rules*

(1) Content-

No one should have a copyrighted article. Google searches right away. Copyright is your own content.

(2) Social content-

Images based on the article, video should not be copyrighted.You can download without copyright images, videos from sites like pixabay.
You can use it in blog.

       How bloggers get paid?

If you have your own content, Google's products will be advertised on your blog via AdSense.Visitors to your blog see that ad.

What to do to get money from bloggers?All tutorial! Per Month 5000$.
What to do to get money from bloggers?All tutorial! Per Month 5000$.

        How many views do you need for   a blog?

      You can post unlimited posts on the blog.A lot of you through online social mediaYou can get a lot of views by sharing post.

 Which blog is best for monetization?
 You can increase traffic to your blog by using keywords by seo on pages.

Example- digital marketing, technical blog, government job, news, WhatsApp stauts,facebookstatus,Blogs like this rank quickly.

Thanks friens visit again my blog and

*Blog seo setting*

*Google AdSense Apply*





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