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What is MNREGA and what is the need for that money?

Center's rural job spending drives employment. In 2020-21, the central government plans to spend more cash than ever on the Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) and increase the allocation from 40 40,000 crores 1 1  Trillion.  analysis if this can suffice.

Why does MGNREGS need the most money? 

 Government.In this scheme, under MGNREGS, 500 1,01,500 crores (see Chart 1) are being spent.  During an economic upheaval, governments return to the suggestion of the country's economist John Maynard Keynes: In difficult economic times, when the private sector and individuals do not feel cash, the government should put money in the hands of the people.  You are the remedy.

  The ratio of the entire amount spent under MGNREGS and GDP is 0.45% (see Chart 2).  Even after adjusting to expanding within the scale of the Indian economy over the years, MGNREGS spending continues to be the easiest since 2014–15.

How will this expenditure help individuals? 

 As an example, many people may lose their jobs much earlier, especially within the informal sector.  This, to an extent, explains the push among migrant workers to return to their places of origin.  Government.

Must collaborate with others and work for them.  Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman recently said that states are advised to provide work to migrant workers as per the provisions of the scheme.

 What does the Agricultural Employment Scheme want to achieve?  .  

But even this rate is not enough for migrant workers returning home because the agricultural sector already employs more people which is economically possible.  As an example, the government's rural job scheme seeks to supply work to migrants.

Will increased spending be enough?

  As of May 18, 23.3 million households had sought work under the plan;  The number was 25.1 million for the absolute number of May 2019 as the government recently said in response to a difficulty within the Lok Sabha, MGNREGS is "a good livelihood option for rural families when there is no better employment opportunity".

Families have started using this selection and as more migrant workers return home, demand for work under the scheme will increase.  Anything government.

  What can we do?

  Over the years, the government.  Has agreed to pay about 50 days of labor per household.

  In 2018-19 and 2019-20, it was 50.9 days and 48.4 days respectively.  In states such as Bihar and Uttar Pradesh - the starting place for a bulk of migrant workers - the figure was much lower at 41.3 days and 44.8 days, respectively.

What is MNREGA and what is the need for that money?
  These states need to connect and do more and if it means spending extra cash, then the Center should be ready on this front.

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