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How To earn money from Facebookpage?

information about facebook, making money from facebook page.

Facebookpage-Cash-on-the-web-  and- substantially More

How To earn money from Facebookpage?.jpg
How To earn money from Facebookpage?


So let's start with how to make money from Facebook.

Go to Google search and login.first of
All, your facebookpage by going to the
Facebook profile and clicking on the 
Three threedot line, click on create on facebookpage option.
Put the"proffessional name of the facebookpage,name there,by touching the next button.

Select the Category in, which you have experience.

Example - (1) Personal blog

                     (2) Product/service

                      (3) shopping

                      (4) health & beauty.etc

There are many such categories in facebookpage.

By selecting a Category from, it next button,if you have website.
Great if you have a website.if not skip ahed.when the Facebookpage created add profile picture and cover, photo.
Save by clicking on the done button.
Now your facebookpage, completely ready.
You can increase, your followers by inviting, your friends to your facebookpage.

   " Facebookpage Monetization"

To make money on a facebookpage,you need to have facebookpage Monetization.
A few days later your facebookpage upon completion of qualifications.
You can apply for Monetization of facebookpage, once monetized, your facebookpage is ready to makemoney.
Next for that-

                 "Create post"

By clicking on create post like the Category you selected ,add facebookvideo.
The facebookvideo should be 3minutes long.
The facebookvideo  should not be copyrighted, and should have it's own content.
If you want to make money on Facebookpage,you should have own content.

I am sharing my experience with you and on the facebookvideo and facebookpage.

Create a Facebookvideo' of your content post on facebookpage.
Views will increase video time,will come to the facebookpage.

*You start making a lot of money"

You can make money by posting facebookvideo through facebookads.
Come on the Start makingmoney through facebookpage friends.
See you again "thank you.

      "Visit share again friends"

Click on the links below to learn about 
Moneymaking ideas.




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