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Horoscopes of all the zodiac signs

Horoscopes of all the zodiac signs.

People in Aries will have great success in education.  

Horoscopes of all the zodiac signs
Horoscopes of all the zodiac signs 

The offspring will prosper.  Jupiter's orbit will be unattainable at the beginning of the year.  Since the light is in the position of Neptune, the house, space, vehicle will be dealt with, the investment will be fraudulent or you will enter the new house with great desire.  Even if the atmosphere in the house remains religious and auspicious, in the future we will have the support of the Fifth Guru.

Ritual The function of Mars will be better protected and Saturn's adversity will be experienced to some extent.  This year will be great for higher education.  Since the cost will be in the fourth, the home or vehicle loan will be for long distance travel.

Since this is the year for the elderly at home, take care of health at the time of eclipse.  Will remain great.  Mental well-being will remain good.  Pets will love it.  Rape is possible.

Infectious disorders are more likely to occur.  Will increase.  Trade, industry will grow.  You will get a promotion in the job.  Skin or stomach disorders can be annoying.  But overcoming the enemy will increase social prestige, respect.

  Bigger loans will cost better.  The biggest concern is that Jupiter's orbit will be reduced to fifth place after July 2020, but the couple is also happy to be wary of servants.
 The latter half of the year will be unpredictable or favorable as it travels from twelfth place in terms of education, child welfare, worship.  Expected higher education admission.  Education will suddenly come at a huge cost.

There will be unexpectedly large trips, stocks, migrations.  There will be huge costs for education and offspring.  This can cause damage.  The benefits of study, teaching, worship will benefit Neptune's journey.  Fate can lead to heart attack from friends and colleagues.

 Will remain great.  Seniors will benefit from children and grandchildren.  Bhagyesh Pancham should beware of financial fraud.  But by staying in art or mysticism, you get the best degree - award, fame.
luck.  This pair will be because Saturn is in the eighth position.  Guru's guidance or cooperation will be obtained.  Pilgrimage, religious is likely to be a difficult pain.

 The ceremony will be grand.  Since the wedding is in Jupiter Pancham, the first sign in Aries is fire, donation, investing in the stock market should be avoided.  But the fifth charara is correct.

 Since Jupiter is favorable for Aries, Aries Sun or Aries ascendant, the one who gets the most luck this year or whose name starts with A, L, F will be reduced and big tasks will be completed easily.  Regular worship of Guru Dattatreya by literate people will increase their fortune.

 Dattaguru should be visited daily.  Saturn's orbit will be from the eighth position every Thursday throughout the year.  Cancer flowers and fruits should flow in Dattaguru.  Since Gurucharitra is in Saturn's auspicious yoga in Parayan Rashi, it must be done by July 2015.  Saturn's adversity will be reduced in the eighth of any deity in Guru, Satpurush and Datta Sampradaya.

However, if you worship regularly in the latter part of the year with faith, the eighth Saturn can certainly cause health complaints.  Good luck in legal action.  Obstacles will come.  Long-term problems are possible.
 Bhagya Ratna Pushkarraj Ratna's ring will fail in office work as Bhagyavardhan.

There is a possibility of harassment from an older person.  Acute pain will take over the head, a change in job occupation is possible.  Its use will bring good luck and good luck.  Publicity, income will decrease.

Will be famous with friends and colleagues.  On any Thursday, the first hour after sunrise, the pooja will be followed by a puja with a Pushparaj Ratna ring or a pendant.

We have to step back at the social or political level.Aries people will get great success in education

  There is a possibility of ad trouble from seniors.  Legal Destiny Age Age - 13,19,24,36,47,60 There will be barriers in relation to ancestral property.  Addiction at home will suffer.  But legally insurance, inheritance rights, by will.


Horoscopes of all the zodiac signs.
Horoscopes of all the zodiac signs.

There will be great success in education.  Taurus offspring will prosper.

 Jupiter's tour will be the third and fourth next year.
 There will be heartbreaking dramatic events in the area.  Saturn's orbit is in the seventh position throughout the year.  In addition, the eclipse will delay important work.  Government work is going on from 5th and 11th place without any reason and Pluto's journey will be from 8th, there will be obstacles.

Neptune's orbit is from tenth place, Herschel's orbit is from profit.  Since the next eclipse will take place from Pancham and Labhasthan, there will be mistakes in the exams by the student class.  Stay away from the stock market.  Misdirection will be great for the writer and publicity, or wrong decision will cause financial loss.  You will get honors, awards and notoriety.  Indicates children's anxiety during pilgrimage or period.

Decisions about offspring will be
wrong.  There will be big journeys.  Good things will happen to the siblings.  In a love affair there will be cheating or misunderstanding.  Relationships with relatives will improve.  People in the relationship will benefit.  There will be reading of religious texts.

There will be great success in exams, there will be distance with friends.  Big wishes will be partially fulfilled.  Incoming money will be halved. In a business like stock, unexpected marriages will be for aspirants.  Favorable damage to fertility is possible.  It will be difficult to get the investment back.  Time will tell.  Wealth will improve.

 As Pluto's orbit continues in the eighth, leg pain, accidents, buying and selling of house, vehicle, property later in the year can lead to long-term problems.  Travel should be done carefully.  Will get the money.  Will buy a vehicle or a house.  The auspicious deeds in the house will take place continuously in the second order of the zodiac, the earth.  Will entertain large individuals.

Mental health is such an
entrepreneurial pile.  Whose moon, marriage will be better.  But at the same time, it will be far away from home.  Raas is Taurus or Taurus Ravi Raas and those whose names have to take care of the nature of the mother, but the change will be beneficial for those who start with the letters A, E, O, U, and.

At the same time, Saturn's orbit is taking place during the week.  Worship of Shiva or Rudra as well as worship of Shri Hanuman is regular so some court cases will arise.  But arguing will bring good luck.

Bhagyaratna - Neelam will get success for Bhagyodaya.  Indicates discord between husband and wife.  The couple’s gemstone ring or pendant will have to be taken care of any Saturday after sunrise.  In the first hour, add pooja.  There will be business opportunities in partnership.

Jobs, Industry, Fortune Age Age - 17,26,35,44,53 Business will increase.  It will take more effort.  Neptune in the tenth can cause mental distress in the job business.  There will be allegations from superiors.  There will be feelings of betrayal or injustice.  Political or social.


Horoscopes of all the zodiac signs
Horoscopes of all the zodiac signs

Gemini will have great success in education.  The offspring will prosper.  Jupiter's orbit is taking place in second and third place next year.  Saturn will travel through the sixth year.  In addition, you will get 4 eclipses.  However, there is a possibility of a break in the job.

 A Saturn orbit is taking place from the sixth position.  As a result, victory over the enemy is taking place from the 10th position and Herschel's visit is also taking place from the 10th position.  There is a possibility of loss from servants.  Neptune is traveling through the ninth and Pluto through the week.  Or older people may suffer.  Labor will increase in the job.

In the first half of this year, Jupiter's journey is taking place from Dhan Sthan.  This will create unexpected obstacles to the goals.  Wrong advice will be given.  As Neptune travels through the fortunes of the couple, there will be a big increase in progressive income.  Will make a big investment.  The house will be misled from space.

Students are more likely to fail unexpectedly.  Will get higher money.  Mars and religious activities will take place in the family.  There will be obstacles in the family's education.  Worship will break down.  Will grow with the Gurus.  The financial situation will remain good.  Money disputes from the court-office are possible.

Disputes will arise over inheritance rights or ancestral property.  The partnership will benefit the business.  Government or will.  Court office incidents will arise.  Overall Gemini will make money from the new political realm.  Will win the election.  The year will be a mixed one and the court decisions will be mind-boggling due to the sins in the center.

At the same time, Ketu-Hershal's mental and physical health will be less than ten.  As the big changes and instability continue, there will be sudden changes in the job-business.  Probably a generating year.  There will be an attempt to retire voluntarily or transfer away.  Gemini is the third sign in the zodiac and will happen against the will in the place of job and business.  There is a pile of aerodynamics and dual nature.

This time will be troublesome for Gemini Raas intellectual Raas seniors.  The atmosphere in the house is understood.  Whose Moon Raas, Ravi Raas or Wedding Raas will remain unsatisfactory.  Big people have to be taken care of.  The mental state of Gemini or those whose names begin with the letter C will remain bad.  Worship of Shiva or Rudra as well as worship of Shri Hanuman by mental persons in purchase of house, space will be troublesome  The decision to move house will likely be missed.  There is a possibility of heartache from close people.

Regularizing this pair during the week will help in speeding up the fortune.  Being Pluto will increase the differences with the spouse.  The fortunes of the partnership are likely to be in adulthood.  Sooner or later business will be in crisis.  There will be disputes against large groups.  In order to make progress, one should read Hanuman Chalisa every day, but Maruti should read the hymn of Guru's visit from the third place in the second half of the year.  Laghurudra, Maharudra should be done at least once in a year.  Will reduce the intensity.

Oil, blue flowers, blue clothes should flow every Saturday.  Gore - Giving food to the poor, black or blue things, this Guru will be great for the marriage of old and young.  Writers, artists, literary men will get great fame and notoriety.  By donating pilgrimage items, iron, black urad, Bhagyodaya will soon be a long journey.  There will be reading of religious texts.

Good progress will be made by siblings.  Bhagyaratna - You will start a new business with Neelam relatives for Bhagyodaya.  Gemstone rings or pendants for work will have to travel after sunrise any Saturday.  This year will be good for artists, players.  Add in the first hour.  Good things will happen in terms of siblings. Students will have great success in exams.


Horoscopes of all the zodiac signs
Horoscopes of all the zodiac signs

Cancer will benefit financially.  Next year, Jupiter will travel from the place of marriage and wealth.

  Court offices will remain beneficial.  Good in partnership.  Saturn in the fifth, Pluto in the sixth, Neptune in the eighth and fortune will benefit.  However, as the pair is Neptune in the eighth, Hershel-Ketu will be touring.  In the first half of the year, Saturn-Neptune in the zodiac sign is doing Kendra Yoga.

 The ancestral property, the visit of the heritage guru will increase the interest in religious subjects and the rights in the first half will be deceptive in such work.  Pensioners will organize heart-warming religious functions, Mars functions, meetings.  Probably.  Long-term disorders will occur.

Although the Guru of lottery, race, gambling is a zodiac sign, it is advisable to stay away from mental satisfaction.  Next year's eclipse will be the third and the giver.  Interest in the study will increase.  Contemplation on the new subject will take place from the ninth position.  This will make you bold.  There will be competition.

Degrees, awards, honors - honors will be received.  Good men will win elections.  Great works will succeed.  There will be companionship, but at the same time you will have to face the enemy.  Might or accomplishment will be achieved.  Will be appointed to a larger post.  Health needs to be taken care of, weight gain will bring honor and rewards to nature.  But for the siblings, this period will have consequences.  Will remain unfavorable.

Misunderstandings will arise among relatives.  You will get proficiency in mysticism, old science.  In the second half, Jupiter will travel through Dhansthan.  This will lead to financial and family health.  There will be huge savings.

Meeting Cancer is the fourth in the zodiac, variable in nature, - will have an oratory effect in the meeting.  Along with that, there is a sensitive pile of Jupiter VI.  Those who have Chandraras, Ravi Raas, will increase their job income.  But the cost to health will increase.
Marriage is a cancer, as well as those whose names begin with the help of servants.  Guru Dattatreya is a good person for regular or teacher-professors and religious and educational worship will bring good fortune.  Dattaguru should be visited daily.  Every Thursday, yellow flowers and fruits should flow in the Datta temple.  Work will make good money.  Mars will happen in the family.

 The Gurucharitra of the family should be recited.  Such persons will become Guru Satpurusha and growth.  Since Hershel-Ketu is in the position of destiny of this couple, the devotional heart of any deity of Datta Sampradaya will hinder the education of the students.  There will be partial success.  But regular worship brings good luck.  Worship will be good.  There will be opportunities for modern education.  Will get new guides.

This pair will be lucky to defeat the enemy due to Pluto in the sixth by using the ring of Bhagyaratna-Pushkaraj Ratna.  There will be a big change in the job.  Jupiter - Pluto auspicious yoga will bring good luck.  Pushkaraj Ratna ring for Bhagyodaya In the first hour after sunrise on any Thursday you will get a chance to work in a religious organization.

 Bhagyodaya Kaal Age years - 12,16,24,30,48,60 worries will increase.  There will be obstacles in education.  Money will get stuck in the stock market.  However, since Saptamesh is in Panchamat, the stalled marriage is taking place on Saturn throughout the year.  This should be done by children during this period.  Wish!


Horoscopes of all the zodiac signs
Horoscopes of all the zodiac signs

The lion will create spiritual love.  Next year, Jupiter's journey is taking place through engagements and weddings.

Wealth Court - Office events will arise.  There will be a place of deception in the court-office, Ketu-Hershal in the eighth, Saturn in the fourth, Pluto in the fifth, emotion / mentality.

 Neptune is set to tour this week over a long-standing legal issue.  Have to face.  Legal issues regarding house, place, property In the first half of the year, Jupiter's visit is taking place from 12th position.  Chances are.  Be careful when making large investments.  Families will come.  Wealth is being eclipsed and deteriorating economic conditions will lead to huge expenses in the first half.  Debt for house, construction, vehicle will deteriorate health.  An accident is possible in the family.

  Take care of the family together.  There will be huge costs for children's education.  The children will go abroad and there will be separation.  There will be division of ancestral property.  However, students will also get the opportunity to study abroad.  With this you will get a partial benefit.  Since Pluto travels through the panchak, investing heavily in the stock market will be a loss.

  Separation from children is possible.  But in the latter half, important things will have to be left out.  Jupiter's journey through the eyes, teeth, throat and feet will be favorable in all respects.  Children's pain will occur.  Speaking will create misunderstandings.  Anxiety at the center will disappear.  There will be big money in the stock market.  There will be unsatisfactory years in education due to big sins.  But there will be progress through the zodiac.

Will get a big degree.  There will be religious and Mars functions.  But Jupiter's travels will remain important to reduce adversity.  Along with this, since Jupiter is Ashtamesh and also in Ashtam, Ketu-Hershal's Leo is the fifth in the zodiac, Agnitattva, orbiting, so one has to take care of one's health.  Backward, stable-natured, open-minded, generous.  Spinal or leg pain is more likely to occur.  Physical, mental hardships for those who will be born, Raviras, married Ras Singh or who will grow up.  But Jupiter in the zodiac will be great for marriage.

 People who start with a religious name with the letter M will develop an interest in the subject.  Ganesha should be worshiped regularly.  Saturn and Neptune are orbiting Ganeshastotra or Kendra every day.  This should read the important Atharvashirsha.  Every Tuesday, red paint will linger on Shri Ganesha.  Work on the house and property will be delayed.  Carry flowers, fruits or clothes of the place.  The cow, the Brahmin has to take care that the lentils are not cheated in practice.

 And jaggery.  Mental Bhagyaratna in work like house, place, vehicle or marriage - Any trouble will increase in the coral gem ring for good fortune.  Delay will lead to depression.  Worshiping the elders in the house in the first hour after sunrise on Tuesday can make you sick.  The mother in particular needs to be taken care of.  Fate will rise.

Since Saturn is the sixth, chest or respiratory disorders are possible.  Bhagyodaya Kaal Age years - 18,27,36,45 Couple Ketu in the eighth - Hershal will have the possibility of an accident.  The atmosphere in the house will remain unsatisfactory.  There is a possibility of heartache from the spouse.  There will be fraud in the partnership business.


Horoscopes of all the zodiac signs
Horoscopes of all the zodiac signs

 big wish will be fulfilled. Jupiter's visit next year is taking place from the place of profit and expense.

Saturn's orbit will be from third place, Pluto's from fourth place, Neptune's sixth Saturn from third place throughout the year.  Since this tour is favorable, you will accept a big responsibility.  Herschel-Ketu will travel through the week from the bold decision place.  Take it.  Success in legal work.

 But disagreements with siblings will be supported by the Eleventh Jupiter in the first half of the year, or respiratory disorders will occur, at the same time Neptune will rise to sixth place.  You have to be careful while traveling.  Health will deteriorate.  The chest will feel half full.  A long-term pain is possible because a long-term wish is fulfilled.  It will cause rheumatism.  There will be great benefits.

 Friends and colleagues will help.  Height items, vehicles, clothes, ornaments will be received.  Important items of big people will be stolen.  Relatives or acquaintances will suffer.  There is a possibility of cheating or harassment by the servants.  Will have intercourse.  Will be friends with older people.  The group of friends will grow.  The economic situation will improve.  Buying a new home or vehicle can be a daunting task.

Siblings are more likely to get serious illness.  Will get or get big money from house / place etc.  Since Saturn is Panchamesh like mind, it will be great for sports.  Events will happen in the competition.  Mental well-being will increase.  Mom will be a big help.  Will win.  You will do the work of a temple.  The best time for marriage is to get rid of child problems.

 Invest in the stock market.  Will remain.  Young people will get married.  There will be big money in the partnership.  Will study mysticism or old sciences.  The beneficiary guru will win in the court-office.  In the first half of the competition or election, favorable results in terms of offspring education and stock market will win, the couple will progress.  But Jupiter will be found in the latter, Pluto in the fourth will buy a bigger house / vehicle.  The tour will take place from the twelfth place.

So you have to spend big, take a loan to buy a house or a vehicle.  Education will cost a lot for the sixth number in the Virgo zodiac, the earth principle, or for the boy.  Going abroad, there will be big journeys.  Is a dual nature.  For those who will have to travel or spend for birth, Sunday, religious or Mars work for good fortune.  However, people who have this marriage Ras Kanya or whose name starts with the letter D as Hershal and Ketu are in the seventh position at the time should worship Mahalakshmi regularly.  Separation from the spouse is possible.  The spouse has to be taken care of.  Sreesukta, Vishnu Sahasranama, Venkatesh Stotra will have to be spent daily for health recitation or doing it for a job will increase one's fortune.  Every Friday Mahalakshmi has to go far, with colorful flowers.

Herschel of the Week - Ketu can make the wedding comfortable clothes, caster sugar, sugar cane, sweets, milk products, ice, sudden differences.  If the original magazine is damaged, the gold and silver items will be carried to the end, the price of milk sugar will be disputed to the fragrant woman.  There will be costs for the court office in the first half.  Pay Friday for participation.  Donate clothes.

The latter half of the year will remain unfavorable.  Such a business will close.  Games, Bhagyaratna - Any competition, election in the diamond gem ring for luck will fail.  At the same time, Rahu should be worshiped in the first hour after sunrise on Friday.  Peace will create fear, stress.  Make some wrong decisions.  There will be fears about health.  Stomach Fate Age Age - 15,24,33,42,51.


Horoscopes of all the zodiac signs
Horoscopes of all the zodiac signs

Libra will be a big benefit. Next year's Jupiter's journey will be from Dasham and Labh's place.

  Health will deteriorate during travel.  There is a cost to doing the wrong thing.  Throughout the year there will be Saturn II, Pluto III, Neptune VC.  There will be attempts to defame.  There will be fear of thieves.  Stomach ailments while Herschel-Ketu will travel through the sixth.  Rahu's travel expenses will arise.  Debt or expense work is possible.  Take out a new loan.  Is going to be out of place.

Saturn is orbiting Dhansthan.  The last phase of the year and a half will be the tenth in the first half of the year, Jupiter's travel business will continue to grow.  You will get a promotion in the job.  Socio-political beginnings.  However, due to the auspicious yoga of Saturn-Jupiter in the first half of the year, you will get a big position in the field.  Social prestige will increase.  There will be less adversity in government work.  Will be a long-term investment.

 There will be great success.  Respect the elders in the house - take care of the eyes.  Will feel lonely in the family.  Financially, however, as this Guru is the lord of the sixth position, the situation will decline with progress.  There will be a decline in income.  But Saturn Panchami will create enemies.  Even if the promotion happens, there will be hard work or investment in the business like shares.  It will be hard for the kids.  When you work in a big position, you will increase your labor. You will do financial planning with your superiors.

There will be investment in house and space.  At the same time, differences are possible.  At the same time, Herschel-Ketu is in the sixth position and Neptune is in the fifth position, so there is a possibility of job change in investments like stock market and speculation.  Will change far.  Voluntary retirement would be misleading.  Students will decide to experience a state of confusion in education.  A new business will begin.  The house will come big.  There is a possibility of heartache from the offspring.  Mysticism can make a person ill.  Since Tritiyesh Guru is in the tenth, take it.  Pluto's siblings in the third place will get fame through writing, art or sports.  It will be unfavorable for work.
 But take a big responsibility in the collective work.  Will travel.  Participation in public exhibitions, meetings and conventions will increase.  The Libra zodiac will receive the number seven, Vayu principle variable publicity award.  Is a temperamental, intellectual zodiac.  For the sake of fortune, those who are born in the latter half of the Jupiter's journey will be from the eleventh position.  So Raas, Raviras or Lagna Raas is the balance or whose name will be rewarded in the second half for the work done in the first half.

Great benefits start with the letter R, T. People will see Vishnu every day.  The art of writing makes a lot of money.  Job - to be taken in business.  Every Wednesday in Sri Vishnu temple or Brahmin, green income will increase.  Siblings - The cooperation of relatives will be good.  Clothing, green gram, pachu should be given to the south.  Everyday Vishnu Sahasranama, will benefit from travel.  The great wish will be fulfilled.  Venkateshastotra or Srisukta like Shera should be read regularly.  The business will make good money.

At the same time, since Hershel-Ketu will be traveling through the sixth, the back should be worshiped and worn in the first hour of sunrise on Wednesday.  Bhagyaratna - Any or all of the foot pain is possible in the Pachu Ratna ring for good fortune.  Blood pressure will increase.  People with diabetes need to be careful.  But you will get the job you want.  Bhagyodaya Kaal Age Years - 14,23,32,41,50 Changes will be beneficial.  The cooperation of the people under him will be go


Scorpio will get a big position AN 11 Next year Jupiter's orbit will be in fortune and tenth and Saturn will have.

Will feel lonely.  Important work will be delayed.  Struggle will be through marriage, Rahu will benefit, Ketu-Hershal will benefit from Pancham, Pluto and opposition will work.  The intensity will increase.  Depression will travel through the second, while Neptune will travel through the fourth.  Will.  The mother has to be taken care of.  The journey will be tough as Saturn is the third.  Suffering from siblings or relatives Jupiter's journey at the beginning of the year is taking place from a place of destiny.  Will have to.  Therefore, the effect of one and a half will be less.  New opportunities will become available.  The bigger the degree, the more reward you will get.  Reputation will grow.  The best of the gurus at this time is Neptune in the fourth, so you will get support from a close person.  Religious Mars work will take place.  Worship will be good.  High risk of cheating or depression.  Home space work will be delayed.  There will be opportunities for education.  There will be pilgrimages.  The well-being of sons and grandsons will be delayed and frustrated in legal work.  The atmosphere in the house will benefit.  Businesses like shares will make big money.  The education sector, however, will remain dissatisfied.  Depression will increase.  But due to Guru's competition, people in the field of priesthood, consultants will get good money.  There will be a mind in spirituality.  Satisfaction in solitude.  Mars work will happen at home, in the family.  The financial situation will remain great.  There will be a possibility of fraud in large transactions of space.  In the second half, Jupiter's journey will take place from the tenth position.  This will lead to heart-wrenching events in Pluto's financial and family health jobs and businesses.  Promotion will remain unfavorable.  Will create a long-term problem.  There will be eyes.  You will get a big position in the political and social spheres.  Seniors or dental disorders will occur.  Travel should be done carefully.  Accidental relationships will improve.  It will be a good time for older people in the house.  Chances are.  Recognition, social recognition will be obtained.  Money will come from government work.  Eighth in Scorpio, hydrological, stable family and financial status will be better.  In the field of education or share nature, there is a mysterious female zodiac sign.  For those who are lucky enough to get a lot of money in the market.  People who have Raviras or Lagnaras in Scorpio or whose name is Hershal-Ketu in the fifth position at the same time, will have difficulty in regular education of Lord Shiva.  People in the stock market should be worshiped unexpectedly.  Doing Laghurudra, Maharudra will be beneficial.  Everyday will benefit.  But love affair will create distance.  Children should recite Shivastuti, Rudradhyaya, Shivalilamrut from home.  Will go away.  Rahu's visit to the benefit will remain favorable.  Bhagyaratna on Disease-Enemy - Moti Ratna for Fortune will overcome any Monday.  Will create its own dominance.  Politics, sports should be performed in the first hour after sunrise.  Goals will succeed.  Will benefit from mysticism, law or politics.  But avoid financial dealings with friends.  Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is the most common type of stomach infection.  Saturn's orbit is starting from the zodiac.  The middle half of the year will not be particularly troublesome due to the lucky Guru in the first half of the year.  But in the latter case, mental and physical health should be taken care of.

Dhanu Bhagyodaya's time Jupiter's journey will be from the eighth and ninth place next year. Money will be spent on the work.  Family responsibilities will increase for seniors.  Rising costs will cause financial strain, and Saturn's orbit is moving from place to place.  Herschel in the fourth - Ketu in the third Neptune, Pluto in the zodiac and Rahu in the tenth will travel.

  In the first half of the year, Jupiter travels from the eighth position.  This will create a state of confusion.  Special care will be taken for health during work hours.  But ancestral tensions will increase, accusations will be made by superiors.  Jobs - Business, property, inheritance, will will be of great benefit.  Insurance will create anxiety.  The older people in the house will have a hard time.  This will increase the income from the pension.

Some important decisions will be missed.  Jobs - Money will come from less labor like closing down a business.  Buying and selling space will be fun.  The situation will be.  Pluto's orbit in the zodiac creates a tough pain, but the journey should be done with care.  At the same time Herschel-Ketu will do the fourth.  But there will be job opportunities in religious social organization.  There will be occasions to change houses.  Will change far.  Or the long journey will be the ninth in the Sagittarius zodiac, Agnitattva.  The mother needs special care.  Sattvaguni is a dual nature sign.

For the increase of fortune, whose lunar eclipse, but in the latter part, the journey of Jupiter is taking place from the place of destiny.  Because of this, Ravi Ras or Lagnaras will have a bow or whose name will not be felt even if it starts at half past one.  On the other hand, people who are in the letter Y, should worship the sun regularly.  Things like mind will happen.  Great honor - honor, reward.  Apply daily sun mask.  Chant the Gayatri Mantra.  Fame will increase. You will get a higher degree.  Religious, Mars functions should worship fire or lamp.  Rakhistotra should be read regularly.  Will happen.

  There will be a pilgrimage.  Fertility will remain great.  Students should sunbathe every morning.  Every Sunday a cow or a Brahmin will have great success, will have the company of good men.  Worship will be great.  Give wheat, jaggery.  Donate gold.  Worship by sun image.  There will be opportunities for progress.  Good luck.  Bhagyaratna - For the increase of fortune, the Manikaratna ring should be worn in the first hour after sunrise on Sunday at half past seven as any Saturn travels from the 12th position.  Getting started.  Due to the Guru of destiny, the initial year will be less troublesome, the age of destiny will be 19 years, 21, 27, 36, 46, 55 years.  But financial worries will increase.  There will be occasions of being away from family, eye and tooth disorders.  There will be distance between relatives and siblings.  Will have to face defamation.  Debt settlement can make the difference between success and failure.  There will be a sense of loneliness.  With Neptune in third place, there is a possibility of cheating or heartache from siblings and relatives.  Legal.


Money from Capricorn inheritance will be received from Jupiter's seventh and eighth place next year.  Long overdue tasks will be completed.  Is from old things.  Saturn will benefit, Rahu will benefit and Hershel and Ketu will benefit a third.

There will be success in elections and competitions.  A big wish will come true as Lagnesh benefits from Saturn, Neptune II and Pluto from space travel expenses.  It's going to be heartbreaking.  Events will happen.  Jobs - Business will benefit greatly.  Old friends will meet.  The cooperation of the police and lawyers will be good.  In the first half of the political year, Jupiter's journey is taking place from the seventh position.  There will be great benefit from the person.  The lords of Saturn's wealthy place will also get married.  There will be efforts to buy a new home.  Because old debts will be recovered.  There will be money stuck, there will be favorable times for partnership business.  Long-term investment in court office will be beneficial.  Family and financial well-being will require favorable decisions.  Business will be good with siblings and relatives.

This pair will be new as there is Neptune in Dhansthan.  But since Jupiter is the lord of spending space, care should be taken while investing for the house.  Rahu's journey in fortune will take big loans for business in progress.  Jobs - Business will create barriers abroad, Pluto in the expense space will have the opportunity to go to big expenses.  Will have to spend for the spouse.  Will create in the house.  Take out a long-term loan.  Religious work, Mars work Religious or Mars work will happen.  The spouse will change over time.  Meetings - Meetings, pilgrimages, social services, charities will cost a lot.  Spend for an organization or religious place.  In the second half of the year, Jupiter will travel from 8th position.  Will benefit from ancestral property.

 Insurance, inheritance, wills will be the work of the tenth number in the Capricorn zodiac, the earth principle.  The income of pensioners will increase.  But it is a variable in nature, coming under the dominion of Saturn.  Guru is the third and Hershal-Ketu is in the third position.  People who are likely to be distant from siblings or whose names start with the letters T, B, B, C or have an accident about them.  Due to Guru in Ashtama, such persons should worship Vishnulakshmi regularly.

  Due to lack of proper accompaniment of destiny, conflict and adversity will increase. One should visit Lord Vishnu daily with special Lakshmi.  The children will be worried about Vishnu every Wednesday.  Students will face difficulties in education, green greens, pachu and dakshina should be given to the temple or Brahmin.  Every day, however, will get less labor money.  At the same time, one should regularly read Vishnu Sahasranama, Venkateshastotra or Srisukta.

 Wealth is happening out of place.  This makes fraudulent Bhagyaratna in the work of inheritance rights - Pachu Ratna for fortune-telling possible any Wednesday.  Financial transactions should be done carefully.  Eating and drinking in the first hour after sunrise can cause trouble in holding the ring, take care of cash and valuables.  To do.  Saturn is orbiting from the 11th position.  This tour will be successful in legal work as the age of auspicious destiny is 14,23,32,41,50 years.  Improving health  The enemy will be defeated.  Great help from seniors.


Jupiter's journey is taking place from the sixth and seventh place next year when the Aquarius youth will get married.  

Neptune's orbit continues from the zodiac.  This will increase mental anguish even if you get some rights from Saturn X, Hershel - Ketu II, Rahu VIII, Neptune.  Feelings of frustration are rooted in marriage and Pluto in profit.  Will.

 There will be injustice from the superiors.  The promotions received during this period are starting from the sixth position of Jupiter at the beginning of the year.  Even if it is difficult or you get a big position, there will be favorable changes in the difficult job.  The cooperation of the servants will be good.  Will remain.  But opponents will grow.  The suffering of the enemy will increase.  Ketu-Hershal's journey from the health money place is on and Rahu's complaints will increase.  Digestion will be impaired.  Students will have difficulties in learning.  There will be anxiety about offspring.  Disagreements with children will increase.

 There will be a breakdown.  Health complaints will increase.  Stomach disorders will increase.  The tour is taking place from the eighth position.  As a result, Jupiter VI is the lord of Dhansthan in the financial situation and Hershal-Ketu in Dhansthani shows confusion and fraud in ancestral property.  Being on the move will worsen the financial situation.  The family atmosphere will deteriorate.  There will be a decline in income.  Take care of the cost of repairing the house-vehicle.  Accidents are possible.  Inheritance, deed insurance or will.  There will be costs for the health of family members.  There will be confusion and delay in work like big pension.  Pluto's orbit will be divided into families.  Speaking clearly will lead to disputes.  Will work in the organization.  There will be benefits in group work.

Since there are possible differences with friends.  The eleventh number in the Aquarius zodiac, aerodynamics, is a stable possibility of money coming in.  There will be a decline in income.  There is a lot of nature, a lot of research in making things happen.  There will be difficulties for good fortune.  Hard work will pay off.  Whose Moon sign, Rakhiras, Lagnaras have Aquarius or whose Jupiter's journey will take place in the latter part of the week.  During this period the name begins with the letters S, H, G.

These individuals will marry Mr. Tarun.  Court - Office will benefit.  The new Mahalakshmi should be worshiped with Vishnu.  Lakshmi's daily business will be with Vishnu.  Buy a new place, property or vehicle.  Lakshmi - Vishnustotra, Srisukta, Vishnu Sahasranama, will.  Partnerships will benefit.  Marital well-being will remain.  Practicing Venkatesh Stotra daily will increase one's fortune.  Will have fertility.  Students will do well in exams.  Competition Every Friday Mahalakshmi will get good success in colorful flowers, clothes or granulated sugar, or elections.  Sugarcane, sweets, dairy products, barfi, gold - in the next year of silver, Saturn's orbit is going through ten.

This should lead to industry-textile donation.  Things should flow.  Suvasini woman should be given milk sugar every Friday.  Business hardships will increase.  Seniors in the job are likely to suffer.  The older people in the house have to be taken care of.  Social or Bhagyaratna - For the sake of good fortune, one should try to make the diamond gem ring lonely in any political arena or wear it in the first hour after humiliation / Friday sunrise.  There will be instances of humiliation.  Since Saturn is the lord of the spending space, change is possible in the distance.  Loss of business or job loss period Age years - 15,24,33,42,51,60.


Pisces young people will get married next year will start the journey of Herschel Ketu from Pisces zodiac, loss from advisors is likely. 
The pair are in disarray and Jupiter's orbit will be fifth in the first half and Neptune sixth in the second half.  The journey is going to be from place to place.  Rahu's orbit during the week and Saturn's orbit should be avoided by thieves.  Sleep will continue to increase.  Laziness is happening out of luck.  Also, Pluto and Neptune will lose in the tenth.  Nightmares will fall.  The journey away from debt or bail is on.  It would be appropriate to stay.  Friends can cause heartache.  Jupiter's orbit from the fifth position in the first half of the year is from the favorable Herschel and Ketu's orbit.  Rahu is from the week and with the help of good luck, fertility will be better.  Traveling.  This can lead to marital discord.  Students will succeed in education.  Marriages of aspirants will be arranged.  Misunderstandings will increase.  There will be loneliness.  Worship in nature will be great.  The bigger the degree, the more prizes will be received.  Jupiter will create eccentricity.  Extreme decisions will be made.  Since I am Dashmesh, the job market will be in good shape.  Promotion Nisik status will remain volatile.  The temper will be irritable.  There will be health.

There will be a big increase in trade.  Social prestige will increase.  Larger complaints will increase, with discomfort in the legs or back.  Will get the post.  Success in politics or elections.  Partnerships from superiors can lead to confusion and loss in the business.  There will be good cooperation in the court-office.  Being the lord of the zodiac, health will make the best wrong decisions.  The spouse has to be taken care of.  Will remain.  There will be mental satisfaction.  Education and well-being of children will remain good.  Businesses like shares will make money.  Will increase later in the year.  The scope of work will increase.  But adults can suffer.  Pluto's orbit will be from the tenth and Jupiter's participation in social work will be from the sixth position.  Therefore, there is a possibility of debate in the social and political spheres of destiny.  There will be no proper accompaniment.  There will be obstacles in education.  Disagreements with children are possible or indicate children's anxiety.  There will be an increase in enemies, the twelfth position in the Pisces zodiac, the water principle, the possibility of deteriorating health.  Disagreeing with superiors is a double-edged sword.  There will be Janmaras, Ravi Raas, to increase fortune.  But the job will change for the better.  Servant-servant's marriage is Ras Meen or whose name starts with D, S, will get cooperation.  However, people who create opposition in the political / social sphere with this letter will worship Durga regularly.  There will be false allegations.  Will try to get in trouble, should.  One should visit the deity daily.  Read Durgastotra daily.  Saptashakti should be recited.  Every Tuesday, the Goddess will wear a red robe and Saturn will travel from the ninth position throughout the year.  Therefore, red fruit, flowers should flow.  On Tuesday, lentils and jaggery cows or legal work will be successful.  It should be given to a Brahmin by an old or senior person.  There will be better opportunities.  You will benefit from the old things, Bhagyaral - the pearl ring for good fortune will learn any old scripture.

Get the support of old friends.  Some of the things that are stuck will be like the mind.  However, during this period, worship should be done in the first hour after sunrise on Tuesday.  Difficulties are possible.  Relationships with gurus will deteriorate.  We have to take care that some wrong fortunes, age years, 9,18,27,36,45,54 works will not be done.  Worship will be hindered and attempts will be made to bring disgrace.  Expenses on religious work, rituals.


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