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Important principles for becoming a teacher

There are more than one and a half million schools in India run by state governments and union territories.

   And there are numerous schools with educational foundations, community organizations, private organizations and business houses as well as religious groups operating across the country.

   At the same time, India is facing a severe shortage of teachers. There are many reasons for this scarcity.

   However, if you are looking for a teacher then this is the right time to apply for a job. And as always, you need to send a summary to apply for teaching work.

   In this article I will give you a summary of job aspirations for teachers and tips for writing the best format writing guide.

   Let's start with the essentials of becoming a teacher.

   The need to work as a teacher

   Now this will come as a shock: Teachers in India do not need much qualification. It depends on the school, location and other factors. However, other schools have specific requirements.

   Graduates in any stream: arts, commerce, science or others.

   Bachelor of Education B.Ed or Master of Education (M.Ed) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

   Knowledge of English, Hindi and possibly local languages.

   At the same time, other schools sometimes take at least a Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) or equivalent teacher to teach basic literacy for adult education and as part of free primary education.

   Regardless of school or educational program, teaching skills are the most important factor in getting you that job.

   Therefore, you need to create resumes that appeal to the school administration or school owners.

   Resume format guide for teachers

   Here I am providing the best summary format for teachers. This will probably help you to get a good job as a teacher in a good school.

   Understand the nature of resume for teachers

   The first step in writing the best summary for teachers is to understand what a resume looks like. You can read my guide to the differences between bio-data, course vitae and resume.

   This will give you a clear idea of   what is the best resume format and how to project it yourself.

   Highlight your learning

   Highlighting your learning is the most important step for teachers to write a summary. Because if you are applying to a small school, you have to teach students different subjects.

   School management definitely wants to know about your skill level on various subjects. Therefore, according to your degree, you should highlight your education by focusing on the best subjects in school and college subjects.

   As you will have a special interest in school management, clearly show your marks in the subjects in which you get high marks.

   Experience v / s no experience

   Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. Work experience. You may have a B.Ed or M.Ed degree. This will definitely help you to get a job as a teacher without any hassle. And regardless of your experience.

   However, if you do not have experience as a teacher, things can get difficult. You have to talk about the reasons you want to teach. Avoid grandiose words like ‘noble business’ and their hobbies. Instead, highlight how your skills on specific topics will qualify you for the job.

   Interests and hobbies

   Interests and hobbies play a very important role in resume for teachers. Why is that  Because every school in India and in the world has different marriage initiatives for students.

   So talk in detail about your various hobbies and interests. Mention in detail how these hobbies and interests are important to your life, their role in your life while studying, and how they will be useful to your students.

   Sometimes, your hobbies and interests can get you a job as a teacher rather than teaching or knowledge of a subject.

   Mutual skills are important

   Nowadays, mutual skills are important for almost every job. However, they are the most important for teachers. Therefore, include interactive skills for teachers under the subheading 'Other Skills' on your resume.

   Write down your ability to deal with people in a strong, polite and positive way in two or three sentences. Give examples if possible. School management, as well as your interviewers, will certainly be interested in your personal skills.

   Creative skills come in handy

   Your creative skills will also prove easy for you to get a job as a teacher. And teachers need to include that in their summaries as well.

   Creative skills include arts such as painting, drawing, singing or dancing and others that are common in schools.

   By showing your creative skills on your resume for teachers, you are also demonstrating your ability to conduct drawing and drawing classes as part of the curriculum and extracurricular activities.

   Social activities and membership

   If you are a member of any social initiative organization, include them in your resume for teachers. Also, clearly state if you are a member of any non-political organization or have no political affiliation.

   Remember, the school does not appreciate teachers with strong political leanings unless they are run by a foundation or organization with such manifestos.

   At the same time, your political affiliation may be easier if you apply to a school run by an organization that supports a particular party.

   Mention your analytical skills

   And finally, include your analytical skills for teachers in your summary. Because it is very important for every teacher. Analytical skills, how they are useful in everyday situations and here you can learn about their importance.

   Teachers are expected to have excellent analytical skills, especially if you are teaching math and science subjects.

   In such a situation, you will need excellent analytical skills to answer and get healthy respect from the students.

   Thoughts off

   Before drawing conclusions, I will emphasize one major difference between a resume and any other job.

   Therefore, creating a resume for teachers is not an imaginary cakewalk by any standards.


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